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Having international partners with extensive expertise and experience in engineering maintenance and production services, we provide our clients a range of vessel leasing services on a competitive and, above all, reliable basis.


We are engaged in leasing high capability vessels and marine support services for efficiency and operational excellence.


To become Africa’s number one go to company to provide fast and reliable marine vessel leasing services to our clients in a safe and timely manner.

Core Values

Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Dependability, Safety and Security, Professionalism, Achievement.

Our services

Vessel Charter Ballistic Crew Boats Marine Logistics Security Services

We provide our clients with a value proposition that enables them to navigate through all market conditions, without jeopardizing competency, efficiency and quality.

DIMA ENERGY’s solutions transform your business by delivering increased productivity, optimization and cost reduction.

over 20 Years of experience

We have some of the best technical partners working in the industry.

Our Team

Our Vessels

Ready for deployment

166FT Fast Crew Security Vessel

Year Built/Rebuilt: 1976/2007, Main Engine: (2) DD-16V 149, 2240 HP, Length: 166 FT 50.5MT, Beam: 11.58MT, Draft: 9FT 3MT, Speed: 12KTS 13.8 MPH

68M Offshore Supply Vessel/Freighter

Year Refitted: 1997/2006, Length: 68.58m, Beam: 12.19m, Depth: 5.48, Bow Thruster: Kamome 12V71 DET Diesel Model H3035 300 hp @1850 Rpm, Cargo Fuel: 628.96m3

110FT Fast Support Intervention Crew Vessel

Year Built: 1979/2012, Fuel Oil: 40Tons, Fresh Water: 15000Ltrs, Deck Cargo: 30Tons, Clear Deck Space: 60Ft x 20Ft, Main Engines: Three (3) GM-V12

46M Class Crew/Security Boat

Year Built/Rebuilt: 1987/2015, Length 46M, Gross Tonnage Displacement: 376 USTons, Main Engines: (5) Cummins KTA 19 Generators (2) Detroit 471, 62.4kVA Rated Horsepower: 3,500

99.8FT Crew and Security Vessel

Year Built/Rebuilt: 1995/2019, Main Engines: (2) GM 12V7ITI, Horsepower: 1020, Length Overall: 99.8ft 30.4 m, Beam: 23.2ft 7.1m, Depth: 9.7ft 3.0m, Maximum Speed: 16knots 72.0gph

190ft Fast Support Intervention Vessel

Year Built: 2004, Length 61.29m, Breadth 9.67m, Depth Moulded 3.63m, Main Engines 4 x Caterpillar 3512B, Propulsion 6400BHP @ 2100 rpm

135 FT Crew/Security Utility Vessels

Year Built: 1995, Length 41.15m, Breadth 8.56m, Depth Moulded: 3.44m, Main Engines 5 x Diesel Engines, Propulsion: 5X600BHP @ 1800 RPM=3000 BHP2

38M Aluminium Fast Support Crew Boat

Year Built: 2014, Clear Deck Space: 100sqm, Deck Cargo Capacity: 40mt, Deck Strength: 2.0mt/sqm, Deck Dimensions: 16.8m x 5.9m, Cargo Railing Heights: 1.0m


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