Vessel Charter or Purchase

As the value of transactions in shipping is relatively high, negotiations inevitably tend to be pressurized. Dima Energy takes the sting out of these negotiations through its vessel leasing service. Dima Energy deals with technical vessels, which fulfill specific roles. For example, patrol security vessels, crew boats, supply boats, cargo vessels, barges, accommodation vessels etc. We can help you overcome linguistic and cultural barriers either through working with our international partners or our own specific local knowledge. This gives Owners and Charterers access to markets which they would not otherwise have been able to access.

Sale of Ballistic Fast Crew Boats and Security Services

Dima Energy supplies pre-engineered and bespoke kits to provide fast patrol vessels protection in high risk areas. Using lightweight materials, we are able to protect the vessel without affecting top speeds and performance. Commonly protected areas include: Consoles, Crew area, Engine covers and RIB tubes.

Marine Logistics and Support

Dima Energy has effectively deployed expertise and knowledge in delivering on time bound marine and logistics support and this covers;
  • Supply of marine tankers and cargo lifting vessels
  • Vessel support activities for oil drilling installation
  • Chartering of PSV’s for offshore platforms
  • Specialized mooring and towing activities
  • Provision of transport and accommodation vessels for offshore personnel
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of marine navigational/communication equipment.

Geophysical and Geotechnical Engineering Services

Dima is a strong, reliable planning partner; our experts have decades of universal experience in the implementation of projects in the field of geotechnical and geophysical planning. We take a holistic and future-oriented approach to projects. This service includes;
  • Offshore and inshore geophysical and geotechnical survey
  • 3DVSP seismic surveys utilizing multi-array 3C sensors and fibre -optic DAS technology
  • Provision of personnel for drilling operations
  • Provision of structural design engineers
  • Provision of dredgers
  • Design services and fabrication
Plus, Sale of Equipment:
  • Land seismic equipment and nodes
  • Acoustic haling devices for offshore platform security
  • Port or offshore platform marine surveillance equipment
  • Sale and rental of EIVA survey software and survey systems
  • Design, manufacturing, integration of drilling rigs and drilling equipment, mud systems
  • Valves and pumps
  • Dredging equipment
  • Design and sale of high pressure / high flow well stimulation pumps
  • Design and sale of Mobile Power Generation systems (whether gas turbine or diesel) suitable for remote locations
  • Sale or rental of survey grade UAV for platform & facility inspections including flare stacks
  • Design, sale and repair of single and multiple-stage hydraulic cylinders for offshore platforms and land rig operations
  • All general fabrication, piping and electrical work, pressure vessels (ASME)